Our Team

Meet the people behind IGES

Michel Alarcon

Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Michel is a visionary entrepreneur with a versatile domestic and international career spanning over 30 years in a variety of industry sectors including government, aeronautics, financial services, health care, and manufacturing. Michel has been focused over the last five years on building strategic alliances with industry “best of breed” leaders in the alternative energy and sustainability domains in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. This has enabled IGES Canada to establish its presence and credibility in these markets as a reliable integrator of proven technologies.

John Johnson

Director, Senior Vice-President, Operations
John has been involved in managing and renovating major buildings, first as VP Planning and Facilities of a 660,000 sq. ft. hospital that was converted under his leadership from an inpatient to an outpatient facility at a cost of approximately $70 M.  John was also the Director of Facilities for the City of Kingston with 151 buildings in his portfolio.  Throughout his work at the hospital and the City, sustainability and accessibility were always front and centre in his planning process. John was most recently the first Executive Director of Sustainable Kingston, a non-profit organization to achieve Kingston’s vision of becoming Canada’s Most Sustainable City.

Steven Moore

Director, Vice-President, Communications
Steven has developed communications tools and strategies for corporate clients over three decades, including most of Canada’s major banks and many of its major retailers. Now, he works exclusively with organizations that promote sustainability. He is author of over 90 publications and four columns in popular publications on energy and sustainable living and has run an off-the-grid organic farm on solar power. He teaches Sustainability, Environmental Policy, and Ecological Economics at Queen’s University and internationally in the U.K. and Costa Rica. He designed and built an earth-sheltered home as a sustainability test site where he lives as a producer of 20 kW of solar PV energy.

Brian Heinz

Director, Vice-President, Supply Chain Management
Brian has over 20 years of experience in procurement, contract negotiations, and supplier management in the aeronautics industry. This allows him to excel in sourcing, and in driving on-time delivery. His in-depth expertise in purchasing process efficiency and cost management is a tangible asset to our construction-intensive operations.

Denis McGinn

Director, Senior Vice-President, Operations

Denis brings over 30 years experience in the automotive industry as a licensed journeyman, with over 12 years as founder/operator of his own business, specializing in electrical and computer diagnostics. He can troubleshoot and problem solve in areas ranging from construction to mechanical systems. With skills in HVAC, carpentry, electrical, fabrication/welding, design, customer relations, estimating, procurement, mechanics, plus hydrogen and green energy production.

Al Sprague

Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned professional engineer with strong management experience, Al has provided product/process engineering and application engineering support to industry and holds several process/process equipment patents. His expertise also includes energy conservation engineering and plant management.

Dio Nkurunziza

Vice President African Operations
Dio has gained his reputation in the environmental engineering field for the last 25 years through his commitment to research on fresh water, energy generation, and sustainable food production. Global sustainability has been the major driver of his working experience. He has been involved in the design, testing, and building of various technology applications in Canada, Southern Africa, and South-East Asia to help indigenous communities to obtain cooking fuel, animal feed, organic fertilizer, and renewable electricity.