Let’s make the world a better place

with clean, local, affordable food. Anywhere, all year.


We combine Green and Blue Technology, Good Business, and Social Justice. We celebrate  open minds, honest hearts, and courageous spirits coming together for a common purpose.

Our Team

We have gathered a unique team of unlike-minded successful professionals with one common goal – to make the world a better place while making a profit.

Strong Alliances

Even with our multidisciplinary expertise inside IGES, projects like our hydroponic greenhouses and emission reduction technology can only be successful with many powerful alliances – with a special emphasis on First Nations and indigenous communities.

Low-Emission Projects

Today, and tomorrow, our clean food projects create good jobs, build resilient infrastructure, and foster strong local communities. We do it with reduced emissions and by using otherwise wasted resources.

Recent News

How vertical farming reinvents agriculture

http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/wwfeatures/wm/live/1600_900/images/live/p0/4z/5d/p04z5dwd.jpg Instead of growing crops in sunny fields or greenhouses, some companies stack them and grow them in old, dark warehouses with UV lights — saving water and harvesting produce faster....

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